The 401st Bomb group was based out of Deenethorpe, England. It comprised of 4 bomber squadrons. It was activated in 1943 and continued to fly daylight heavy bomber missions until June of 1945. The group was easily recognized by the yellow stripe and triangle encased "S" on the tail of the groups aircraft.

Historical Unit Breakdown

Elements of the 401st Bombardment Group (Heavy)

Group Headquarters -

612th Bomb Squadron

613th Bomb Squadron

614th Bomb Squadron

615th Bomb Squadron

Support Units at Station 128:

450th Sub Depot

78th Station Complement

379th Service Squadron

861st Chemical Company

1597th Ordnance Supply and Maintenance Company

1199th Military Police Company

1209th Quartermaster Service Group

2966th Finance Detachment

860th Chemical Company

18th Weather Detachment

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